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Vortex Razor HD 13-39x56 Spotting Kit

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Introducing our Plateau Tripod, our first standing tripod meticulously designed with consideration for your needs in the wild. With a collapsed length of 27.6", it conveniently fits into your hunting pack, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. This tripod has multi-angle leg adjustments with an easy button release to ensure you get the most comfortable and stable setup possible. One of the tripod legs can even disconnect from the rest of the tripod to become a trekking pole when needed in technical terrain! Along with our other inline tripods, the Plateau will come with a smooth panhead that is arca swiss compatible, and a weight hook for when you need that extra stability when shooting or glassing longer ranges. Unleash the full potential of your hunting experience with our new Plateau, your new go to tripod that won't break the bank!

Like all of our sitting tripods, it was designed with the backpacking hunter in mind. This lightweight 2.05lb carbon fiber panhead tripod is designed for sitting on the ground or in a chair only! No more extra weight from 4-5 section legs for standing when you never use them. This 2 way pan head is smooth and steady for glassing with a spotting scope, and the tilt can be controlled with the integrated twist lock handle. With its max height at 38 inches and compacts down to 16 inches tall, this is the ultimate tripod while sitting and glassing in the hills. What makes the Alpine Pro extremely unique is the leg configuration. Two of the legs are 3 sections, but one leg is longer with 4 sections. We did this for glassing while you're sitting on steep terrain. Simply deploy that longer leg if needed down the hill and make your spotting session much more enjoyable. All the sitting tripods in the BlackOvis line come with a shutter button and phone holder attachment for when you need to take a picture of that trophy shot while alone in your success! With its twist lock leg design becomes a faster way to raise and lower your tripod legs when pulling out your spotting scope to get a better look at that trophy animal you are hoping for.

Built to seamlessly fit the packs of today’s weight-wary, backcountry hunters, this reimagined Vortex Razor HD 13-39x56 spotting scope perfectly balances premium optics and an incredibly compact package.