Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls The Yote Howler Predator Call Tube and Diaphragm Combo

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  • Made in the USA
  • Combines a diaphragm mouth call with a powerful amplifier tube
  • Internal V.E.T.T. system creates more volume and tone consistency
  • Authentic howls, barks, yips and many other canine sounds
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 100% Defective Replacement & Simple Workmanship Guarantee

Product Description

Rocky Mountain Yote Howler System pairs a tube amplifier with a diaphragm mouth call for the ultimate in coyote calling! Lure them in close with the Yote Howler System. The tried and true Yote Howler Palate Plate mouth call diaphragm combines with the tube amplifier for far-reaching sound, guaranteed to get the attention of the local coyotes This predator call system gives you the volume and consistency you want, and brings those crafty coyotes in close so you can make your shot. Call in those coyotes with this Howler System! Order yours now! Rocky Mountain Yote Howler System.

The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring tuned to the right dimensions inside the adapter that goes in the small end of the howler.

The spring helps create more volume, stabilizes higher notes, gets raspier barks and takes less air to operate while blowing into.

Used to create all the howling, barking, yipping and distress sounds that will fool the wariest coyote into coming to investigate.