TightSpot 5 Arrow Quiver
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TightSpot 5 Arrow Quiver

TightSpot 5 Arrow Quiver - Black and Crimson

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  • Black
  • Black w/ Crimson
  • Carbon
  • Kuiu Verde
  • Kuiu Vias
  • Max-1
  • Realtree APG
  • Realtree Xtra
  • Skullworks

  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand

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  • Overall length: 19 3/4"
  • Distance from hood to gripper: 18"
  • Weight: 10.05 oz
  • Manufacture Warranty: Lifetime for original owner

For the first time, your quiver will help, not hinder your shooting. TightSpot™ adjusts to the right spot to give you overall system balance and to fight accuracy-affecting torque.  With Tight Spot™ 5 Arrow Quiver, you'll shoot better with your quiver on than you ever did with your quiver off!

Better bow balance - Adjust your quiver to the right spot with the TightSpot™. The TightSpot™ Quiver’s exclusive (patent pending) “RightSpot” 3-way Adjustment System lets you fine-tune the balance of your bow using your quiver. Now, your TightSpot™ will act much like a stabilizer, instead of adversely affecting your shooting like other quivers! You can also adjust up or down, forward or back and in or out to prevent nocks digging in the dirt, help with fine-tune bow balance and to eliminate torque.

Dramatically reduced torque - The further a quiver is from the bow, the more torque it creates. Torque affects accuracy, throws your bow’s balance off and makes tuning more difficult, especially with broadheads. TightSpot™'s patent pending dovetail design eliminates this problem. Proximity to the bow is only half the equation. The heavier the quiver, the more torque it exerts. A TightSpot™ Quiver is exceptionally lightweight thanks to vibration-absorbing wrapped carbon rods and machined aluminum that make up the quiver's frame.

Holds arrows tight - Over time, or in cold weather, arrow grippers on all quivers tend to loosen. The exclusive Bulldog Gripper™ System (patent pending) on a TightSpot™ Quiver is different in that you can adjust the grip for each individual arrow. By simply moving the ArrowWedges™ in or out, you get a custom grip in each individual arrow slot. It takes over 10 lbs of downward pressure before your arrow budges from a TightSpot. No more arrows making noise, vibrating loose or falling out of your quiver.

Kills vibration - Every TightSpot™ quiver has an 18" hood-to-gripper "wheelbase", a QuadFit™ 4-way spacer that lets you slide quiver against cable guard for another point of contact, a bumper strip on crossbar kills, and a super-premium wrapped carbon rod for unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio. The TightSpot™ Quiver’s 4-Way Integrated Vibration Absorption System attacks vibration from every conceivable angle. In fact, these features work so well that your bow will vibrate less with a TightSpot™ attached than with no quiver at all.

The hood of a TightSpot™ quiver is tough enough that a car can drive over it and it will not break. It is also designed to be extra deep to keep broadheads covered. A simple lift of the QuickLock™ Cam disengages the TightSpot™ Quiver from the dovetail base it rides along, allowing you to quickly and quietly remove the quiver or adjust its position with just one hand. The TightSpot™ Quiver for arrows is also unique in that the arrow gripper nearest you faces back at you instead of off to the side like the other grippers. This subtle difference means less conspicuous lateral movement and can make the difference between a fleeing animal and getting off the shot!

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