First Lite

First Lite Merino Wool Camo fabrics perform in all hunting seasons and conditions. First Lite is designed to keep you warm in the cold mornings, cool in the hot afternoons and odor free all day. The First Lite collection is a next to skin and base layer product that is available in camo patterns so they can be worn as an outside or inside layer. The combination of the most adaptive merino wool available, cutting-edge design offered in camo is the anchor of the First Lite vision. First Lite demands the highest quality hunting gear to ensure that comfort and odor don't get in the way of your passion for the big hunt. First Lite simply has the highest quality hunting apparel and accessories designed for the most dedicated of hunters who need the best in odor mitigation and thermal regulation.

* As of January 2018, the First Lite brand has decided to go direct to consumer and not sell through retail channels anymore. For the time being, all First Lite gear will only be found directly on their website.

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First Lite Merino Wool Hunting Camo Clothing and Gear
  1. First Lite Chama EXP
    First Lite Chama EXP Heavyweight Long Sleeve Shirt
    As low as $115.00