Koola Buck Game Bags

Koola Buck has mostly been known for their Walk-in Coolers and Meat Hooks but recently they have entered into the Game Bag world while bringing in a wild concept. What makes Koola Buck Game Bags different than any of the competitors is that they have a special Anti-Microbial coating on the bags, which they also offer in a Spray for conditioning your current game bags. What this coating does is reduce bacteria by about 8X more than standard bags while also providing a safe, natural way to protect your meat from egg laying insects, other critters and more. It's a wild and crazy concept that has been majorly overlooked in the outdoor industry but we're certain that you will quickly love and inhabit the products! Be sure to check out our product selection below as well as the content on each product page that dives more into the coating and bags themselves. Koola Buck Game Bags

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