Flex-Fletch SK2 Premium Archery Vanes

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  • Length: 2in
  • Height: 0.485in
  • Weight: 4.6grains
  • Pack Size: 100
Product Description

SK2 premium archery vanes excels in compound archery and crossbow. It is designed for high-speed and suitable at speeds under 300 F.P.S. thanks to it's tapered design and clean cutting edge. Compound hunters and 3D archers love these vanes as they are fantastic all-around vanes! The Flex-Fletch series of vanes is world known for their unique ability to dampen arrow oscillation, stabilizing the flight of the arrow quickly to give you flatter trajectory and better groupings. It's all in our urethane, no other vanes have this capability! Flex-Fletch's unique material and exclusive molding process produces a vane with exceptional momory and durability.