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Easton Match Grade Axis LR 4MM With 55 GR Half-Outs Half Dozen Fletched Arrows

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  • 4MM Micro-Diameter Uniform ACU-Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Pre-Installed 4MM Microlite Nocks (6 Grains)
  • AAE Hybrid 26 Helical Fletched Vanes
  • 8-32 4MM Match Grade Aluminum Half-Out Included for optimum hunting FOC (55 Grains, uses 8-32 Thread 5/16" Field Points)
  • Five-Point Straightness Check +.001"
  • Pro Shop Exclusive
  • Made in the USA
Product Description

Easton Match Grade Pro Shop Series arrows offer precision in every detail. Crafted in the USA with Easton’s exclusive Acu-carbon process, every Match Grade arrow offers bow hunters the ultimate in confidence-building accuracy. Each shaft in the line features a five-point straightness check, the industry’s most advanced components, and premium helical fletching.

Match Grade Pro Shop Series Arrows go far beyond industry standards with Easton’s exclusive Five-Point Straightness Check. Other brands only check for straightness at the midpoint of the shaft, but Easton Match Grade shafts undergo a far more meticulous straightness check, with razor tolerances at both ends, the center, and the critical quarter locations.

Superior single-color AAE Hybrid Helical Fletching is another match grade exclusive. Each premium ribbed AAE Hybrid Vane is precisely aligned for immediate broadhead stabilization with minimal vane noise.