Gold Tip

Gold Tip Pierce Platinum Fletched Half Dozen Arrows

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  • Straightness Tolerance: +/- .0025"
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- .5
  • Included Components: GTO Nock, One Piece Ballistic Insert System
  • 6 Arrows
  • 2.1" Fusion X Vanes
  • 250-500 Spine
Product Description

If you're looking for an arrow that surgically penetrates with blistering speed and will stand up to real-world abuse, you've found it. The Gold Tip Pierce is a micro-diameter arrow that's built to hunt. Its greatly reduced diameter makes it resist wind drift for long range accuracy. Its decreased weight makes it fly fast and flat. And when the Pierce impacts its target, it has the energy to punch through. Thanks to the patent pending Ballistic Collar Insert System, this surgical arrow has the strength of a jackhammer to take on any hide, meat, or bone you put in front of it.