Axcel Archery Carboflax Hunting Stabilizer

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Before the AXCEL® Archery design team went to work on building a new stabilizer, they bought tens of thousands of dollars in vibration testing equipment and spent a year discovering which stabilizers truly reduced vibration and which were just hype. They then set out to discover a way to improve the carbon bar to new levels. After searching, they discovered that several aerospace, cycling, automotive, and tennis racket manufacturers had started using blending Flax into the carbon layers of their products. Not only did this Flax concept reduce weight, but it offered 3 times the vibration dampening of glass and 20% more than carbon. They discovered that natural dampening enhances product performance by absorbing higher frequency vibrations. Flax composites were stronger and lighter to result in better performance. But they also were proud that Flax is plant-based rather than made from fossil fuels. The CO2 negative fiber was worker and planet friendly!

With a year of data and intense research on Flax and Carbon composites, AXCEL®'s design team developed an advanced properties Bio-Composite Hybrid Archery Stabilizer using natural Flax fibers and Ultra High Modulus Carbon material. They worked on several wrapping patterns to find the absolute best blend for vibration reduction. The result is one of the strongest and most effective stabilizers that has ever been made!