BlackOvis Ultra 20 Premium Bowhunter Tips TekMat

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  • How to Paper Tune
  • How To Tie in a Peep Sight
  • Fletching Glue Technique
  • Arrow Wrap Aligner
  • How to Tie a D-Loop
  • Size: 15 x 20in
  • Soft high quality neoprene material
  • Ultra soft, oil and water-resistant surface
Product Description

How do you tie a D Loop? What's the best way to paper tune? With those and other bowhunting basics in mind, BlackOvis and the Custom Arrow ID team came up with the Ultra 20 Premium Bowhunter Tech Tip Mat. This 15x20 soft and durable premium neoprene mat is right at home on your work bench, bow tuning bench or anywhere you need to get some intricate work done and need a soft pad to organize or layout small or micro pieces of gear. The soft thermoplastic fiber surface ensures your archery equipment doesn’t get scratched while the vulcanized rubber will protect your work surface and prevent the mat from sliding. Ideal for applying wraps to arrows, laying out fletching supplies, broadheads or even disassembling and cleaning a handgun, this mat is a must for any bowhunter. Tech tips/How to info include: Paper Tuning, How To Tie in a Peep Sight, Fletching Glue, Arrow Wrap Aligner and How to Tie a D-Loop. Hone your skills and improve the look of your workbench with a tech tip mat that makes sense for any bowhunter.