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Aziak Equipment Backcountry Lite Tripod

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  • Tripod legs weigh in at 20.4oz (with long center column) or 18.9oz (with the included short center column}
  • Max height of 45" (long center column)
  • Max height of 35" (short center column)
  • Leg angles: 21° / 52° / 82°
  • 3 section design
  • 1/4 Turn Leg Locks
  • Triangular center column means the tripod can fold together tighter for less space
  • Quick one finger adjustments to 3 different leg angles
  • Oversized center column locking knob for ease of use with a gloved hand
  • Oversized rubber feet for grip on all surfaces
  • Collapsed length of 15.5" (legs only)
  • Ball head is sold seperately - Aziak Equipment Backcountry Lite Ball Head
  • Made in China
Product Description

The Backcountry Lite Tripod is the quintessential alpine hunters tripod. When you are backcountry hunting you know that it is critical to drop extra weight from your pack and move fast, Aziak Equipment decided it was time to spec out the Backcountry Lite Tripod. It is super lightweight, at a max weight of 20.4oz. It is versatile and easy to adjust. And when you find yourself on a steep hillside the tripod can adjust up to 45" so you can easily sit down while glassing and the easy one finger leg adjustments will give you three angles, allowing you get the right setup for your terrain.