Hardside Hydration

Hardside Hydration Insulated Swig Kit

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  • Hose Accessory Kit: HAK
  • Swig 63 Cap (Fits wide mouth Nalgene, Hydro Flask and others)
  • 2-Piece Cap
  • Straw (ready for 48oz. bottle, cuttable for 32oz.)
  • Silicone Valve (+ spare valve)
  • Barb Cap
  • Insulated Hose
  • 39” Long, Neoprene Construction
  • High Flow, 90 Degree Bite Valve
  • Debris Cover
Product Description

The Swig Rig is everything you need for your next adventure! It combines our Swig 63 with an Insulated Hose Kit and gives you the options to complete your kit just how you want it.