Moccasin Joe

Moccasin Joe Smoke in a Bottle Plus Caddy Combo

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Product Description

Moccasin Joe Smoke in a Bottle hunting wind checker covers a full range of light and air movement conditions. They are Scent and Odor Free and can be used to detect the slightest of air movement. Just shake the bottle to mix the powder and air, flip the spout, squeeze and watch the smoke. Great for hunting, fishing, golfing and other sports.

Keeping your windchecker close to you at all times with the Moccasin Joe Smoke in a Bottle Caddy. This lightweight sleeve is made specifically for Moccasin Joe checkers and has a built in clip which can be attached to your pack, bino harness and more. This does a great job at reducing the glare from the plastic bottle while also covering your checker in a Multicam pattern. If you've got a windchecker this is a must have! Plus, you can't beat the price!