Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind

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  • Three triangular shooting windows that open and close
  • Three (3) shoot through ports
  • Designed with 2 hubs for maximum portability
  • Legendary Double Bull material and construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Corner to Corner: 59” Height: 37. Weight 4.5 lbs
Product Description

How Does SurroundView Work?

Thousands of very small holes dot the fabric of the Primos Double Bull SurroundView hunting blind. On the outside, the camo print and natural light force human and animal eyes to focus on the camo, making the holes "invisible." On the inside the black print and darkened interior allow your eyes to focus through the holes for a clear view of the outside

Two Hub Design

Our two hub design allows for extreme portability and quick and easy setup for any hunting situation.

Carry Bag:

Each SurroundView Stakeout Blind comes with a carry bag. 

Blind Specific TRUTH Camo

Primos Exclusive TRUTH Camo contains a mix of shadows and patterns with a depth of field specifically designed for maximum concealment in all ground-level hunting conditions. 

Introducing the Primos Double Bull Stakeout Blind with SurroundView™ technology. The Stakeout is constructed with two exclusive one-way see through walls, so you can see every movement in front of you without moving to peek around or above the blind to steal a glance. Three shooting windows are perfectly positioned for multiple shooting lane options. Its two-hub design keeps both walls sturdy yet easy to pop up and tear down. It’s the Blind Without A Blind Spot built for super light and ultra-portable concealment!