REK Broadheads

REK FXD Fixed 3 Pack Broadheads

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  • 2 Blade
  • 1.25" Cut
  • .039" Stainless Steel Blades
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Tip
  • Modular Design: Interchangeable Fixed or Mechanical Blade Design
  • Standard 8/32" Threads
  • True Field Point Accuracy
  • For Use with Compound or Crossbow
  • 100 Grain and 125 Grain
  • 3 Pack
Product Description

The REK Broadheads FXD Broadheads are a formidable addition to the arsenal of any serious or novice bowhunter. Unleashing uncompromising accuracy and lethal precision, these fixed-blade broadheads are designed to deliver consistent and devastating results. Whether you're aiming for large game or honing your skills on the range, the REK Broadheads FXD Broadheads are a reliable and high-performance choice for those who seek reliability and exceptional terminal performance in their hunting endeavors.