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Sitka Gear
    Sitka Travel, Train, Workwear line was made so you can have top quality clothing that you can wear everyday. They have the exact same comfort and durability as your Sitka camo clothing.

Sitka TTW Gear
  1. On Sale
    Sitka Ambary Long Sleeve Shirt [Discontinued]
    Sitka Ambary Long Sleeve Shirt [Discontinued]
    As low as $44.50 Regular Price $89.00
  2. Sitka Nomad Woodsmoke
    Sitka Nomad
    As low as $399.00
  3. Sitka Drifter Travel Pack
    Sitka Drifter Travel Pack
    As low as $179.00
  4. Sitka Rambler
    Sitka Rambler
    As low as $199.00