Victory Archery

Victory Archery RIP SS Elite Dozen Arrow Shafts

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  • 100% carbon fiber construction .204 diameter for maximum speed and penetration with less wind deflection
  • Advanced 3K carbon weave for less torque, faster recovery of arrow flight and tighter uniform spine consistency
  • Every arrow digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency
  • Weight matched +-0.5 grains for precise consistency and tighter grouping
  • Advanced nano ceramic arrow coating improves penetration and allows easy removal from targets
  • +/-.001"
Product Description

The RIP SS is the pinnacle of hunting arrow technology, a bone-crushing, small-diameter shaft with stainless steel layers infused into a 90° carbon fiber weave.  The RIP SS is lighter and faster than its predecessor, the Xtorsion.  With higher FOC and the same sledge-hammering momentum, this shaft will punch through anything in its path and is sure to stay straight shot after shot.