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Viking Solutions Convertible Paper Target Holder

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  • Paper Target Stand That Can Convert into Gong Target Holder!
  • Holds Paper Targets (up to 2) above and below the crossbar
  • Each Target Holder Leg is 19″ long and will widen out to 26″
  • All you need to add is your favorite target – everything else included!
  • Stand Can be used to attach Gong Target underneath Cross Bar
Product Description

The Viking Solutions Convertible Paper Target Holder is a simple but effective solution to getting your favorite firearm sighted in! The system will hold up to 2 targets. with the adjustable vertical legs you can effectively hold targets from “A” size (8.5×11″) up to 19×26″ above and below the crossbar. Clips and leg retainers are included – approximately 10 minute one-time assembly.

After the initial assembly target setup in field is normally under one minute! There is nothing to push into the ground — the leg design works on nearly any terrain with proper backstop. Crossbar is 30.5″ off the ground in a level-ground setup. We also pre-punch holes (3/8″) in the crossbar so that you can attach a gong! We also have people hanging archery targets from this versatile stand. Targets not included.