Rocky Mountain Elk Herd 4-Pack Elk Diaphragm Calls

This product has been discontinued.
  • Diaphragm: 2) Single lite latex , 2) Tone Top
  • Featuring the New FIRESTORM Latex!
  • Manufacture Warranty: 100% Defective Replacement & Simple Workmanship Guarantee
  • Manufacture Item Number: 109
Product Description

New for 2016, all Diaphragms feature their brand new FIRESTORM Latex, making it easier to produce pitches, extend durability, and recreate better quality tones!

Rocky’s Mountain Elk Herd 4-Pack Elk Diaphragm Calls helps you produce all the sounds needed to entice the big bull!

Elk Herd Assorted Diaphragm 4 Pack includes:
  • #100 – The Remedy - Original Flat “Palate Plate” diaphragm, single lite latex. A very popular call, giving you great versatility for making cow/calf to bull sounds, spike to satellite.
  • #101 – Raging Bull - Palate Plate Diaphragm, single lite Latex gives you the versatility of making all cow/calf & bull sounds.
  • #103A – Mini Master - Single .004 latex. The Mini Master Single has a narrower frame for youth, women and men with a narrow roofed palate area. The tape is trimmed to fit more comfortably in your mouth. Single latex produces high pitched bull sounds and young cow/calf mews, chirps, etc.
  • #106 – Herd Master - Single Lite Latex. Small to medium bull, cow/calf sounds. Better fit, more comfort, easy to achieve tone control.

**Note about Palate Plate Diaphragms (#100 and #101) - Unlike other diaphragms, the Palate Plate call is placed forward in your mouth, right behind your upper teeth. This keeps you from gagging and also gives you more control on the latex. Just relax and use your tongue pressure for your note changes. Start off with less tongue pressure for lower notes. As you want higher notes, increase tongue pressure and air flow. The latex is stopped by the Palate Plate so you can’t go any higher than the right note. On other diaphragms, if you apply too much pressure, or not enough, you lose the note you’re wanting to achieve. The Palate Plate makes the latex longer lasting and easier to blow. The tone of the Elk bugle calls is also more realistic.

Video - Bugling Bull Elk Herd 4-Pack