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Uncharted Supply Co The Triage Kit

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  • Made from high-tenacity 30D double-ripstop nylon military surplus parachute fabric
  • The interior is coated to protect it from internal abrasion as well as external
  • 7.5in x 3.25in x 1.5in
  • Weight: 150g (5.29oz)
  • 2 sections, gear repair + first aid, all of the items are labeled
  • Water resistant, up to 10 sec submerged
  • Total pieces: 43
  • Best for individuals
  • Hanging loop attachment and pocket sized
  • Includes: 1 Water Resistant Carrying Pouch 7.5in x 3.25in, 1 Flat Pack 5yd Duct Tape, 2 Fabric 2x4in Band-Aids, 6 Fabric 1x3in Band-Aids, 3 Safety Pins, 5 Blister Bandages, 10 UCO Storm Matches, 1 2' 22 Gauge Bailing Wire, 1 Emergency Mylar Blanket 52x82.5in, 2 2-Pack Aspirin, 4 PDI Lube Jelly 2.7g, 2 Wound Closure Strips 5-Pack, 4 7in Zip Ties
Product Description

The Triage Kit by Uncharted Supply Co. is one of the most robust and comprehensive (compact) first-aid kits that money can buy. Over a year in development, the Triage Kit is their most personal product to date. Transformative construction. Featherweight design. You'll simply never leave home without it.