Easton 6.5 Matrix Match Grade Dozen Arrow Shafts


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This product has been discontinued.
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  • Available Spines: 250, 300, 340, 400, 500
  • Shaft Weight GPI: 250-GPI 9.4, 300-GPI 8.9, 340-GPI 8.1, 400-GPI 7.4, 500-GPI-6.8
  • Lightweight ACU-CARBON for added speed
  • Pre-installed Microlite™ nocks
  • 6.5 inserts included
  • Straightness ±.003”
  • Made in USA
Product Description

Easton unveiled a new light weight arrow in its 6.5mm product line—the 6.5 MATRIX. This new arrow is an ultra-light weight model that uses Easton’s Acu-carbon™ seamless process. What’s more, the Matrix features a new carbon fiber braid visible on the outside of the shaft. The Easton’s proprietary process results in a seamless shaft delivering a virtually perfect spine and weight across every production run. Without the weight and spine inconsistency found in conventional arrow-making processes, Acu-carbon constructed arrows tune easier and offer better accuracy on the range and in the field.