G5 Striker Magnum Fixed Blade Broadhead 3-Pack

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  • 125 Grain
  • 100% Steel Tough
  • ANIX Blade Locking System
  • Cut-On-Contact Design
  • 1 1/2" Cutting Diameter
  • Sharp .030" Thick Lutz Blades
  • 100% spin tested
  • Sold as 3 Pack

Product Description


With a 1 1/2" cutting diameter, the Striker Magnum creates devastating entrance and exit wounds. This scary sharp broadhead uses the G5 patented MIM Manufacturing technique and .030" stainless steel Lutz blades.

The Striker Magnum has 77% more cutting surface area than other broadheads with a 1-1/2" of cutting diameter, increasing the potential lethality of your hunt. This scary-sharp broadhead uses the G5-patented MIM manufacturing technique and .030" stainless steel Lutz Blades. The Striker Magnum is perfect for turkeys, bear, deer and other close range shots. ANIX Blade-Locking System ensures the blades remain intact on the hardest-hitting shots.

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