Havalon Baracuta Blades - 5 pack

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  • Fit any Baracuta Knife
  • Comes in a pack of 5 blades
  • No sharpening, just replace your dull blade!
  • Havalon Item Number:
    HS127XT5 (#127 Blades)
    HS115XT5 (#115 Blades)

Product Description

#115XT Blade - Five of our thickest micro-honed Japanese stainless steel blades for skinning and deboning big game. Blades are 4 3/8" long. Fits all Baracuta knives.

#127XT Blade - Five of Havalon's thickest micro-honed stainless steel blades for filleting fish and deboning game. Blades are 5" long. Fits all Baracuta knives.