Grakksaw Backcountry Bootdryers

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  • Lightweight, 6oz
  • Revamped design to make it durable
  • The fans are securely housed inside a high-visibility injected molded plastic that has built in wire strain relief
  • Powered on any standard 5v USB receptacle/battery pack
  • Operates at 0.230-.270 amps at 5 volts, so around 1.25 watts
  • The whole setup fits in the palm of your hand and can be used in the truck and on the move
  • USA Made injected molded housing
  • Fan made in China
  • Comes with a 6ft USB cable extension, battery pack not included
  • The USB connector is not IP-67 rated and not waterproof
Product Description

This device simply moves air in an efficent manner when power consumption or portability is a concern. For optimal results, combine the "BCBD" with a campfire, stove in a tipi or wall tent, or on the floorboard of your truck with the heat pumping. Combined with a heat source this will dry your boots about 3x faster than just air drying alone. The Backcountry Bootdryer is now IP-67 rated, or in other words, waterproof. The Bootdryers can be submerged in water indefinetely.