Liberty Bottle Works BlackOvis Logo Water Bottle
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Liberty Bottle Works BlackOvis Logo Water Bottle

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  • 24oz bottle
  • Wide mouth threadless design makes for easy cleaning and is ice cube friendly
  • Deep drawn aluminum construction makes for less dents and greater durability
  • Flexible Food Grade Coatings insure no chips or flakes end up in your water
  • Simple 1/4 turn design for the cap
  • Independent Lab certified to be 100% BPA FREE
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA (Seattle, Washington)

Welcome to the only American made metal water bottle, made completely from 100% recycled aluminum and BPA free materials. This bottle features an easy to use 1/4 turn cap and wide mouth design at the top. Add to that the durable construction and your choice between three and you have a bottle that is ready to travel on all of your adventures with you.