OTIS B.O.N.E. Tool (5.56mm)

OTIS B.O.N.E. Tool (5.56mm)

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  • Includes a 8-32 threaded hole to function as a T-Handle
  • Comes in a 5.56mm
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Workmanship Guaranteed
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  • Made in the USA

MSR/AR owners know the importance of a clean bolt and bolt carrier group. Carbon and fouling can build-up in these areas, causing jams and malfunctions. The OTIS B.O.N.E. Tool was designed specifically to clean the bolt carrier assembly area. Keep it with your other cleaning systems or on your workbench at home and you'll soon realize the importance as your groups remain tight.

  • Scrapes carbon and fouling from the Bolt, Bolt Carrier and Firing Pin
  • Includes a 8-32 threaded hole to act as a T-handle

Note: While this tool fits many bolts flawlessly, it may fit some bolts better than others due to variance in bolts by different manufacturers