Phelps Game Calls Turkey Call Diaphragm 6 Pack

Phelps Game Calls Turkey Call Diaphragm 6 Pack

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  • Includes The Black Bat, Casper, Green Viper, Rippin' Red, Sassy, and Straight Duece Diaphragms.
  • This 6 pack turkey calls will provide all of the sounds and tones you could ever ask for in a set of turkey calls.
  • Calls are hand turned and tuned to insure the best sounding and best looking turkey calls made.
  • These calls are designed and licensed by Phelps Game Calls.
  • Made in the USA

Each Turkey Call has the following specs below

Black Bat - Triple reed that features a batwing cut on the top reed and a undercut on the second reed for extra rasp.

Green Viper - Triple reed that features a unique Snake tongue cut.

Straight Duece - An easy to use double reed.

Casper - 5 reed ghost cut, great for kee-kees and all other turkey vocalizations.

Sassy Split V - Reed with the Standard Split V cut, user friendly and raspy.

Rippin' Red - Triple reed with a unique offset V cut that allows the call to be played clean to raspy.