Open Country Midlayer/Insulation

Sitka Gear
    When the hunt takes you above the timberline or deep into desolate country, Big Game Open Terrain Hunting Systems provide the durability, mobility and concealment needed to succeed in these difficult conditions. Athletic cuts and advanced body-mapped fabrics move with the hunter while standing up to constant abrasion, and lightweight layering options enable endless adaptability to changing conditions. For complete stealth, GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Open Country is scientifically designed around animal vision to hide the hunter in open and rocky terrain at longer engagement ranges typically found in open environments.
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  1. SITKA Kelvin HyperDown Jacket
    SITKA Kelvin HyperDown Jacket
    As low as $449.00
  2. Sitka Blizzard AeroLite Parka
    Sitka Blizzard AeroLite Parka
    As low as $769.00
  3. Sitka Blizzard Aerolite Bib Pant
    Sitka Blizzard Aerolite Bib Pant
    As low as $749.00
  4. Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Vest
    Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Vest
    As low as $199.00
  5. Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Jacket
    Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Jacket
    As low as $329.00
  6. Kelvin Lite Jacket Pewter
    Sitka Kelvin Down Ultra Lite Jacket
    As low as $289.00
  7. On Sale
    Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody - Dirt
    Sitka Kelvin Lite Down 3/4 Pant [Discontinued]
    As low as $150.00 Regular Price $309.00
  8. Sitka Heavyweight Hoody
    Sitka Heavyweight Hoody
    As low as $149.00
  9. Sitka Core Heavyweight Bottom eii
    Sitka Heavyweight Bottom
    As low as $99.00
  10. Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T - Elevated II
    Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T
    As low as $99.00