Waterfowl Marsh Midlayer/Insulation

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    From balmy opening weekends to all-out blizzards, marsh waterfowl hunters see every condition under the sun over the course of a season. SITKA Waterfowl Marsh systems are built around carefully designed layering systems that give the hunter the ability to instantly adapt with comfort and mobility to stay in the field with confidence and concealment scientifically designed around the vision of descending ducks and geese, GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Waterfowl Marsh. And because we know how hard waterfowl hunting can be on gear, every product in the line is built to withstand many years of abuse.
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  1. Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Vest
    Sitka Kelvin AeroLite Vest
    As low as $199.00
  2. Sitka Boreal AeroLite Bib Pant
    Sitka Boreal AeroLite Bib Pant
    As low as $669.00
  3. Sitka Boreal AeroLite Jacket
    Sitka Boreal AeroLite Jacket
    As low as $669.00
  4. Sitka Fahrenheit Vest - Waterfowl Marsh
    Sitka Fahrenheit Vest
    As low as $199.00
  5. Sitka Gradient Jacket - Marsh
    Sitka Gradient Jacket
    As low as $179.00
  6. Sitka Duck Oven Jacket - Waterfowl Timber
    Sitka Duck Oven Jacket
    As low as $339.00
  7. On Sale
    Sitka Fahrenheit Jacket - Waterfowl Marsh
    Sitka Fahrenheit Jacket [Discontinued]
    As low as $209.30 Regular Price $299.00
  8. On Sale
    Sitka Gradient Hoody - Covert
    Sitka Gradient Hoody [Discontinued]
    As low as $139.30 Regular Price $199.00
  9. On Sale
    Sitka Dakota Jacket - Waterfowl Marsh
    Sitka Dakota Jacket [Discontinued]
    As low as $209.30 Regular Price $299.00