Subalpine Outerwear

Sitka Gear
    From desert scrub to dog-hair timber or temperate rainforests, Big Game Forested Systems enhance hunter stealth and performance across the spectrum of vegetated habitat. Featuring the only concealment pattern scientifically engineered to fool animal vision in tree-covered and vegetated terrain – GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine – Forested Systems combine cutting-edge concealment with advanced body-mapped fabrics and specialized designs that optimize breathability, mobility, durability and weather protection.
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  1. Core Crew Top Long Sleeve Open Country
    Sitka Apex Pant
    As low as $229.00
  2. Sitka Apex Hoody Subalpine
    Sitka Apex Hoody
    As low as $219.00
  3. Sitka Ascent Shirt - Subalpine
    Sitka Ascent Shirt
    As low as $169.00
  4. Sitka Thunderhead Pant - Subalpine
    Sitka Thunderhead Pant
    As low as $299.00
  5. Sitka Thunderhead Jacket - Subalpine
    Sitka Thunderhead Jacket
    As low as $349.00
  6. Sitka Timberline Pant Open Country
    Sitka Timberline Pant
    As low as $249.00
  7. Mountain Pant Open Country
    Sitka Mountain Pant
    As low as $199.00
  8. Sitka Jetstream Jacket Open Country
    Sitka Jetstream Jacket
    As low as $349.00
  9. Jetstream Vest Open Country
    Sitka Jetstream Vest
    As low as $199.00
  10. Sitka Ascent Pant Clay
    Sitka Ascent Pant
    As low as $189.00
  11. Sitka Jetstream Vest- Moss
    Sitka Jetstream Vest [Moss]
    As low as $141.75 Regular Price $189.00
  12. Sitka Youth Heavyweight Hoody - Supalpine
    Sitka Youth Heavyweight Hoody
    As low as $99.00
  13. Core Crew Top Long Sleeve Open Country
    Sitka Women's Jetstream Vest
    As low as $199.00
  14. Sitka Traverse Pant - Open Country
    Sitka Traverse Pant
    As low as $149.00
  15. Sitka Mountain Vest - Open Country
    Sitka Mountain Vest
    As low as $179.00
  16. Sitka Mountain Jacket sa
    Sitka Mountain Jacket
    As low as $279.00
  17. Sitka Stormfront Jacket sa
    Sitka Stormfront Jacket
    As low as $599.00
  18. Sitka Stormfront Pant oc
    Sitka Stormfront Pant
    As low as $549.00
  19. Sitka Cloudburst Pant - Open Country
    Sitka Cloudburst Pant
    As low as $349.00
  20. Sitka Cloudburst Jacket - Open Country
    Sitka Cloudburst Jacket
    As low as $369.00
  21. Sitka Youth Rankine Hoody - Subalpine
    Sitka Youth Rankine Hoody
    As low as $129.00