Hunting Solids Gloves, Hats and Accessories

Sitka Gear
    Sitka Gear hunting Solids are the same as the top quality camo hunting clothing only in solid colors.
Sitka Solid Outerwear Sitka Solid Insulation Sitka Solid Base Layers Sitka Solid Accessories Sitka Solid Packs
  1. New
    Sitka Traverse Beanie
    Sitka Traverse Beanie
    As low as $30.00
  2. Jetstream Beanie
    Sitka Jetstream WS Beanie
    As low as $59.00
  3. Mountain Glove Charcoal
    Sitka Mountain WS Glove
    As low as $129.00
  4. Sitka Ballistic Beanie
    Sitka Ballistic Beanie
    As low as $69.00
  5. Sitka Ballistic Vest - Blaze Orange
    Sitka Ballistic Vest
    As low as $99.00
  6. Sitka Gunner WS Glove - Tan
    Sitka Gunner WS Glove
    As low as $109.00
  7. On Sale
    Sitka Cap Waterfowl
    Sitka Cap
    As low as $20.99 Regular Price $30.00
  8. On Sale
    Bomber Belt Woodsmoke
    Sitka Bomber Belt
    As low as $48.30 Regular Price $69.00
  9. On Sale
    Sitka Stealth Belt - Woodsmoke
    Sitka Stealth Belt
    As low as $31.50 Regular Price $45.00
  10. Sitka Stratus WS Beanie
    Sitka Stratus WS Beanie
    As low as $59.00
  11. Sitka Suspenders Black
    Sitka Suspenders
    As low as $30.00
  12. Sitka Ballistic Cap - Blaze Orange
    Sitka Ballistic Cap
    As low as $35.00