Hunting Solids Outerwear

Sitka Gear
    Sitka Gear hunting Solids are the same as the top quality camo hunting clothing only in solid colors.
Sitka Solid Outerwear Sitka Solid Insulation Sitka Solid Base Layers Sitka Solid Accessories Sitka Solid Packs
  1. On Sale
    Sitka Women's Jetstream Vest sa
    Sitka Women's Jetstream Vest [2021]
    As low as $139.30 Regular Price $199.00
  2. Sitka Mountain Vest - Lead
    Sitka Mountain Vest
    As low as $179.00
  3. Sitka Delta Zip Wader
    Sitka Delta Zip Wader
    As low as $999.00
  4. Sitka Dew Point Pant
    Sitka Dew Point Pant
    As low as $309.00
  5. Sitka Dew Point Jacket
    Sitka Dew Point Jacket
    As low as $339.00
  6. Sitka Nodak Jacket
    Sitka Nodak Jacket
    As low as $299.00
  7. Sitka Grindstone Vest - Black
    Sitka Grindstone Vest
    As low as $199.00
  8. Sitka Dakota Pant - Mud
    Sitka Dakota Pant
    As low as $239.00
  9. Sitka Timberline Pant Open Country
    Sitka Timberline Pant
    As low as $259.00
  10. Mountain Pant Open Country
    Sitka Mountain Pant
    As low as $209.00
  11. Sitka Jetstream Jacket Open Country
    Sitka Jetstream Jacket
    As low as $349.00
  12. Jetstream Vest Open Country
    Sitka Jetstream Vest
    As low as $199.00
  13. Sitka Ascent Pant Clay
    Sitka Ascent Pant
    As low as $199.00
  14. Sitka Front Range Snap Fleece Long Sleeve Shirt - Lead
    Sitka Front Range Snap Fleece
    As low as $139.00
  15. Sitka Grindstone Work Jacket - Lead
    Sitka Grindstone Work Jacket
    As low as $299.00
  16. Sitka Women's Fahrenheit Jacket - Waterfowl Marsh
    Sitka Women's Fahrenheit Jacket
    As low as $299.00
  17. Sitka Grinder Mud
    Sitka Grinder Pant
    As low as $199.00
  18. Core Crew Top Long Sleeve Open Country
    Sitka Women's Jetstream Vest
    As low as $199.00