If someone were to ask me, “What is the most critical piece of your arrow setup?” My quick and easy answer would be BROADHEADS

After an hour phone call with Grim Reaper National Sales Manager, Matt Bateman, and having shot Grim Reaper Broadheads for three years myself, here are a few reasons why you should consider picking up Grim Reapers this fall. 


Grim Reaper offers a broadhead for every hunter, and every hunt. They offer 33 models, the largest selection of broadheads industry wide in the 75 grain to 150 grain range. Of that selection, Grim Reaper offers three different styles of broadheads, which are fixed, mechanical/expandable, and hybrid, that consist of two fixed blades and two over the top deploying blades. 

As a western hunter, in states such as Utah or Wyoming, I feel that a mechanical broadhead works to my advantage, especially when chasing animals such as deer, elk, and antelope. For said hunts, my broadhead of choice is going to be the Mini-Mag (4 blade) or the Fatal Steel (3 blade). The reason being, over the last 6 years of bowhunting, my average shot distance has been 63 yards. I like the Mini-Mag and the Fatal Steel due to the short ferrule of the head, as a shorter ferrule is usually more forgiving at longer ranges. With that being said, I also carry the tried and true Pro-Series 1 ⅜. It is the best “all around” broadhead in my opinion. It has a large cut, swept blades for better penetration, and the new pro-series tip.  

When I hunt whitetail this fall in South Dakota, or turkey in the spring, I am usually shooting from a treestand or ground blind, don’t have to worry about giant elk ribs, and prefer a broadhead that will leave a bigger whole, I will make sure to take a Carni-Four, Whitetail Extreme, or a Whitetail Special.

Also, if you’re like me and hunt in Idaho, the only state that does NOT allow mechanical/expandable broadheads, a Micro Hades Pro in either a 3 blade or a 4 blade is my broadhead of choice. 

If you want the best of both worlds, a strong fixed blade as well as the large cutting diameter of the mechanical, a Hybrid or Micro-Hybrid will suit your needs.

And last but not least, to the crossbow hunter, they have you covered as well. Grim Reaper offers a handful of crossbow approved fixed, mechanical, and hybrid broadhead options as well. 


Even though I have known Matt for the same amount of time that I have been shooting Grim Reapers, until our call, I didn’t fully understand what makes Grim Reapers fly so well. As I listened, I learned that great flight is largely due to the tight manufacturing tolerances and quality control at the Grim Reaper facility. 

According to Matt, Grim Reaper is a ISO 9001 certified facility, which in order to pass said certification, tolerances and manufacturing standards and procedures have to have the same quality as multiple aerospace engineering firms that produce parts for airplanes, satellites, and rockets. With all parts proudly sourced, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, the extremely tight tolerances of the broadhead ferrules and blades minimize the movement that comes from straightness inconsistencies, which negatively affects the perfect flight of the arrow. 

Another advantage that Grim Reaper has over a large majority of broadhead manufacturers is that the broadheads are made in the same building as sales and shipping. Why is this important you may ask? Let's take XYZ broadheads, for example, that are manufactured in China. If there is a defect or an inconsistency that occurs in a run of broadheads, it is very likely that the heads will be mass produced, packaged and shipped without a blink of an eye. You, as the consumer, if lucking in to said broadheads, would have to send the heads back to manufacturing to have them fixed, whereas if one pack or small run of broadheads at Grim Reaper has an issue on the manufacturing line, it can be caught and fixed right away. 

Everyone has heard the horror stories of mechanical broadheads and the failures that come with them. At Grim Reaper, to ensure functionality of each broadhead, every single mechanical that is produced at Grim Reaper is 100% hand functional. This means that each broadhead is screwed on to an arrow shaft and, by hand, each blade is opened and closed, assuring that the blades and springs will open properly on impact. When it comes to design, the tips on all of the  mechanical broadheads extend 5/8 of an inch in front of the mechanical blades. This allows the tip to puncture before the mechanical blades make contact and start to open. Also the patented internal spring design allows every  mechanical blade to independently cam back against the spring as they open, absorbing the shock of the blades opening rather than causing the arrow to deflect. Because of this design, even at the steepest of angles, you will not deflect with a Grim Reaper. Not only will you have a large entry hole, the spring assisted opening of the blades uses very little energy in the process of opening.


Towards the end of my call with Matt, one of the talking points that caught my ear was the phrase “broadhead experts”. Not very many companies can make that claim, but with 21 years of experience specializing on making some of the best broadheads on the market, I would be willing to say that the team at Grim Reaper are “experts” in the broadhead category. 

Part of what makes Grim Reaper as good as they are, is that they are still independently owned and operated, under original ownership. Not very many people know that most broadheads on the market are owned by large outdoor corporations that also own and manufacture upwards of 20 different brands at a time. They have to worry about sights, broadheads, elk calls, blinds, and arrows, whereas the staff at Grim Reaper are dedicated 100% of the time to broadheads, and broadheads only. 

With that being said, if you were to call a customer service representative from one of these companies, my guess is that you will get on the phone with a representative that knows the basics of the 20 different products that they carry, almost as if you were talking to a sales associate at Cabelas or Sportsmans Warehouse, if you can even get a hold of a representative. 

If you were to call the Grim Reaper number, you can get a hold of Bryson, one of the lead machinists, or Matt, the National Sales Manager, who only focuses on manufacturing and selling broadheads, all day every day. You can call and ask as many broadhead related questions that you can come up with, and I guarantee that the staff at Grim Reaper has forgotten more knowledge about broadheads than you and I will ever learn about them. 

The phrase “Watch ‘Em Drop”, that is found on the Grim Reaper packaging, isn’t JUST a slogan. There’s a reason it's there. Feel free to reach out to the staff at Grim Reaper, who have killed hundreds and hundreds of animals with Grim Reapers, and give Grim Reapers a shot this fall. 

*Contingent on proper bow and arrow tuning, you can expect field point accuracy from all Grim Reaper heads.