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  1. What Optics Are Best For Your Hunt this Fall?

    By Mark Skousen hunting glassing optics guide With scouting season in full swing and hunting season right around the corner, it’s a great time to take inventory of what you will be using for optics this fall.  I’ve often been asked the questions 'What binoculars should I get?' and I usually answer with another question 'What is your budget?' The easy answer is not all optics are created equal so the general rule is buy as much as you can afford. There is a lot of excellent glass on the market and if you make an investment in good glass, with a good warranty, whatever you choose, should last you a long time.  Continue reading →
  2. Western Hunting Optics Guide - Picking the Right Binocular and Spotting Scope

    Dialed In Hunter-7127 hunting optics By Josh Kirchner When it comes to Western hunting it is undeniable the advantage that quality optics provide the modern-day hunter. Having the ability to meticulously survey massive amounts of landscape and study animals from what is sometimes miles away, makes us more efficient, and ultimately more effective. Continue reading →
  3. Crispi Lapponia III Hunting Boot Review

    Axis buck hunt By Mark Skousen I have been a big fan of the Crispi Lapponia boot ever since they were introduced 4-5 years ago.  I love them because they are lightweight, have no insulation, and no break is required making them very comfortable for early season hunts.  My only nock on the previous models is the sole would wear out in a season or less of heavy use.  New for 2024 is the Lapponia III from Crispi, not only does is have all the great features of the original Lapponia, but there are some significant enhancements.  Here are some of the features of this new boot.  Continue reading →
  4. Preparing for Whitetail Hunting Season

    tractor on farm food plot for hunting By Kevin Weber A few months ago things were off to a great start here in Southeast Iowa to prepare for whitetail hunting season. We had a spring with plenty of moisture and food plots were in tip top shape heading into summer. We continued to get more and more rain which eventually led to some consequences. Between the amount of rain we received and what rain we received further upstream led to some severe flooding in our area. The rivers came out of their banks and were near record high levels. Some ag land was impacted, as well as a lot of my food plots.  Continue reading →
  5. Picking the Right Hunting Boot

    Sitka Gear Ambient Stalking By Josh Kirchner If one thing is true about hunting boots, they are not a “one style fits all” product. This is for a few reasons. We all have different feet, we hunt in various types of terrain and weather, and “to boot” hunting styles/methods vary from person to person. Because of this, the options are many in hunting boots. And because of this, based on extensive experience in the field, I’m going to break down these different styles of hunting boots. The end goal is to paint you a clear picture of what is going to work best for you and your style of hunting. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to refer to the Crispi lineup of boots, because that is what I use and prefer. With that said, this information can be applied to ANY boot company, so run with it. Also, I’m not a podiatrist. Just a hunter with real-world experience who has burned a ton of boot leather. What’s Your Style of Hunting? Continue reading →
  6. Chase Seeley- Gear Guide

    Chase Seeley- Gear Guide
    Check out the Solid.HUNTING.Gear that the staff here at BlackOvis uses and are familiar with. Thinking of buying a product but not sure how it performs? Check out if any of us use it and give us a call! Details Hunting style: Muzzleloader  Favorite species: Mule Deer Dream hunt: African Giraffe  Next gear purchase: Stone Glacier Col 4800 Weapon setup...
  7. Jake Morrill - Gear Guide

    Check out the Solid.HUNTING.Gear that the staff here at BlackOvis uses and are familiar with. Thinking of buying a product but not sure how it performs? Check out if any of us use it and give us a call! Hunting Style: Archery/Rifle Favorite Species: Mule Deer Dream Hunt: Brown Bear Next Gear Purchase: Leupold Mark 5 Other Pursuits: Fishing WEAPON SETUP Bow: Prime RVX 34 Draw...
  8. Ross Melville - Gear Guide

    Ross Melville - Gear Guide
    Check out the Solid.HUNTING.Gear that the staff here at BlackOvis uses and are familiar with. Thinking of buying a product but not sure how it performs? Check out if any of us use it and give us a call! Hunting Style: Archery Favorite Species: Mule Deer Dream Hunt: New Zealand Tahr, or another Alaskan Caribou Hunt. Next Gear Purchase: Initial...
  9. Evan Huffaker - Gear Guide

    Evan Huffaker - Gear Guide
    Check out the Solid.HUNTING.Gear that the staff here at BlackOvis uses and are familiar with. Thinking of buying a product but not sure how it performs? Check out if any of us use it and give us a call! Details Hunting Style: Spot & Stalk Favorite Species: Elk Dream Hunt: New Zealand Chamois and Tahr Next Gear Purchase: Swarovski 95mm...
  10. Hanwag Makra Pro GTX Hunting Boot Review

    hanwag makra boot review by Skyler Harrison with Hunt the West podcast Choose Hunting Boots Wisely No matter where you hunt, boots are one of the most important gear considerations you’ll make. Boots can be a more loyal friend than a black lab or they can be your worst enemy - ending a hunt faster than a Coues deer can duck an arrow. You need to choose boots wisely.  Continue reading →
  11. Layering with SITKA Gear for Western Hunting with Josh Kirchner - 2024 Kit

    By Josh Kirchner Sitka gear on BlackOvis If you are not utilizing a layering system for western hunting, you are severely missing out on a way more efficient way of doing things. For the 2024 hunting season, I’ve put together a solid layering system from Sitka Gear that is going to get me through I’d say 95% of the year. I say that because there might be some specialty items I bring in here and there as the weather changes. Things like puffy pants, base layer bottoms, or switching out my insulation layer for a thicker insulation layer. Continue reading →
  12. Pre-Season Turkey Hunting Tips from Kevin Weber

    Each and every year it never seems to fail. Between trade shows and some other late season or off-season duties, turkey season always seems to sneak right up on us. Now, I would be lying if I said there was a lot to do before the season starts. I’m not saying there is not for some people, but for me there are a few things to iron out before the season gets here. Turkey hunting can be very easy sometimes, or it can be extremely challenging. This is a good reason why you want to stack as many odds as possible in your favor. Continue reading →
  13. Gear Review: SITKA Delta Zip Waders for Waterfowl

    SITKA Delta Zip Waders review by BlackOvis Gear Guide Evan Huffaker Waterfowl hunters are known to be the hardest on their gear out of all types of hunting. Often you are hunting the harshest types of conditions, breaking ice, walking long miles in mud, hopping in and out of boats and blinds, waterfowl hunters depend very heavily on good quality gear that is going to stand up to these harsh conditions.  Continue reading →
  14. Hunting Boot Review: Crispi Briksdal Pro SF GTX Insulated

    Crispi Briksdal SF Pro hunting boots in the field I’ve been using Crispi Boots for years and I really like them. They’ve yet to let me down. I’ve found them to be comfortable, durable, and always up to the task. My favorite Crispi model for the last several years has been the Briksdal SF. I prefer a very stiff boot, so naturally, the Briksdal SF quickly became my favorite. I’ve used them all over and put many miles on them. When I found out that for 2023 Crispi was revamping many of their boots, including this model, I knew I was going to end up getting a pair. Continue reading →
  15. New Arrival: Aziak Equipment now on BlackOvis

    Have you ever wanted more out of optics accessories rather than carrying more 'stuff' in your hunting pack? We expect a lot of our hunting gear and we know you do to and that's why we're proud to welcome Aziak Equipment to Continue reading →
  16. Essential Gear for Whitetail Hunters During the Off-Season: Top 5 Picks

    As the seasons shift and the off-season beckons, it's the perfect time for avid hunters to reassess their gear arsenal and ensure they're fully prepared for the challenges ahead. In this guide, we'll delve into the realm of essential gear for whitetail hunters, unveiling the top items that can significantly enhance your success in the field. Whether you're a seasoned hunter looking to fine-tune your equipment or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, these carefully selected tools and accessories are poised to elevate your hunting game to new heights. Join us as we explore the indispensable gear that stands between you and a triumphant whitetail hunting adventure. Continue reading →

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