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  1. CBE Sight Review

    My search for a new hunting sight was intentional but what I ended up with was a result of not being able to get the original sight I thought I wanted.  I had a spring Alaska bear hunt coming up in May and I needed an immediate solution. The sight I wanted had been on order for 4 months and got delayed again due to supply chain issues.  I was explaining my dilemma to a good friend and hunting mentor, and he told me to check out the CBE Trek Pro Sight.  I’m glad I did.   Continue reading →
  2. So, You Got a New Bow Huh?

    I have been intrigued by archery since I was a little kid. My first few setups were recurve bows and mismatched arrows. The birds, squirrels, and hay bale targets in my yard were generally pretty safe but I didn’t care. I just loved watching the arrows fly. As I got older my desire to hit what I was aiming at gradually caught up, so at age 10 or 11 I finally graduated to a compound bow with a set of matched, store-bought arrows! That first setup was a pretty simple flipper-style rest and single-pin sight, but it was the start of a journey with bows and arrows that has led me throughout life. Watching arrows fly is still a thrill for me.  Continue reading →
  3. Hawk Tree Saddle

    By now most modern hunters have heard of a tree saddle or understand the concept of one. There are still some though who definitely looked confused when you throw the term “tree saddle” out there. The past couple of years they have grown a lot in popularity, especially for those who are into mobile hunting. Dive in with me as I talk about my first experience trying one out and what my initial thoughts are of the Hawk Tree Saddle. Continue reading →
  4. Kill Kit Essentials

    The purpose of a kill kit is to have all the essential items organized in one place to process an animal in the field.   This list can vary a bit based on personal preference but in my opinion, there are some critical items that should be considered for every kit.  Here is a breakdown of what is in mine. Continue reading →
  5. Skyscraper 2P Tent Review

    It wasn’t very long ago that I was in the market and searching for a lightweight tent. There were a few different brands that I was considering before deciding on the Skyscraper 2P from Stone Glacier. If you know much about Stone Glacier, I think everyone can agree that they are a very reputable company and well-known for their quality and lifetime warranty. Stone Glacier products are made right here in America in a town by the name of Bozeman, MT.  Continue reading →
  6. Fixed vs. Replaceable Knives

    I think most hunters can agree they grew up using knives that did not have replaceable blades. Nowadays you will find lots of hunters that carry them and do not remember the last time they had to sharpen a blade. If you were to ask a handful of people which style of knife they prefer, I am sure you would get different types of answers. In this article I will help point out some of the main differences and which style of knife I would choose if I could only choose one. Continue reading →
  7. Index Vs. Handheld Release

    Choosing the proper archery release is critical for accuracy and consistency. In the archery industry, we see new releases come out each year. Releases fall under two categories: index finger (wrist wrap) and handheld (thumb, back tension, and a hinge). The most popular option is the index or trigger finger release that is attached to your wrist. This release has been a staple in the archery community and is very easy to operate. However, in recent years handheld releases have become more prevalent in the hunting industry. Picking a release can be difficult because of the different types, brands, and models offered. Both Index and handheld releases will work in hunting scenarios but trying to decide which is best for you can be confusing. This article will cover the two styles of releases and talk about their pros and cons.  Continue reading →

    At a certain point in time, we have all been in the situation of having soaked pant legs after hiking around through the misty morning, dew-soaked brush in the mountains. A lot of us have even been in the scenario of hiking around late in the season where the air is crisp, and the snow has a rhythmic crunch with every step you take. These are both prime scenarios when wearing gaiters could be a comfort along with protecting your pant legs from some of the elements. Continue reading →
  9. What to Consider When Choosing a Hunting Pack

    Hunting backpacks have come a long way in recent years.  They are stronger, lighter, and more customizable than ever before.  A good pack is one of my most utilized and important pieces of gear, second only to a quality pair of boots that fit me well.  Packs these days come in all sorts of varieties and sizes, from day packs to expedition packs.  You can go ultralight, or with a stouter, heavier pack.  The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a hunting pack.  But what you need to decide first and foremost is what am I looking for in a pack?  What will your main use cases be: day hunts?  Extended backpack hunts?  Any and all of the above?  Also, what criteria must the pack satisfy to meet your needs (and not anyone else’s)? Continue reading →
  10. Is the Vanguard VEO 2 GO 235CB the best hunting tripod?

    If you’re hiking outdoors for hours or even days on end, every ounce and every inch of your pack matters. So when Vanguard created the VEO 2, they wanted to fix one critical flaw: tons of wasted space. That goal alone made this tripod a breeze to carry anywhere with you in the field. Compared to other tripods, the Vanguard VEO 2  is one of the most compact out there. There’s no wasted space in its design. Every square inch of this tripod serves a purpose, but outside of space, what else does this beauty have to offer? Continue reading →

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