Building on the science of the old Elevated Forest pattern, Elevated II has been optimized with less foliage and more sky which will lengthen the engagement range and extend seasonal effectiveness to redefine the way people hunt whitetail deer.


Not only has Sitka re-engineered the whitetail line to be more resilient, insulated, and quiet, they’ve also improved in the area of concealment. It’s not enough to keep you comfortable in the stand for longer periods of time, they’ve gone one step further in order to extend your concealments’ seasonal effectiveness, so that you can add weeks and not just hours to your time in the stand.

On the comfort side, Sitka has re-engineered all materials in the collection for the quietest and most protective whitetail system ever created. From the cotton ball quiet Celsius series to the specific body mapped thermal needs found in the new Shacket and Fanatic Lite, the whitetail hunter will immediately see the bar being raised.