The team at Crispi, both here in America and in our Italian factory is constantly looking to improve, update and innovate our boot line. The lessons learned while hunting all across North America create ideas that can turn into new updates, improvements, and designs. We are in a unique position here at Crispi US to take the ideas and feedback we gather throughout the year directly to our Italian designers to influence design decisions and directly lead to improvements and changes. With that in mind here are the new and updated boots in the Crispi line for 2022.

Updated '22

Summit II GTX

The Summit has been one of our most popular early season boots since it was released a few years ago. For 2022 we are introducing the Summit II GTX. It will be the same fit and performance as the previous model with a couple of key changes. First, we gave this boot a complete facelift. The new brown and black colorway gives this boot a fresh modern look. We also replaced the Cordura, synthetic material, with PUTek. This is the same upgrade we made to the Thor, Wyoming, and Idaho models a couple of years ago. PUTek is a polyurethane-infused Cordura material. It is considerably more durable and withstands abrasion and puncture substantially better than standard Cordura. 

Women’s Summit II GTX

Just like the men’s boot. The Women’s Summit has been extremely popular for years. We have updated the look of this boot and added the PUTek material as well. If you are looking for a lightweight, breathable boot the new Women’s Summit II GTX would be a great choice. 

Colorado II

Since its introduction two years ago, the Colorado has been THE choice for early season, high country hunts. Based on the lightweight Summit model, the Colorado features the EFX midsole to go along with a stiffer board last construction. The Colorado has been to the highest peaks on early archery hunts and has always been a performer. For 2022 the only change we made was to upgrade the Cordura with PUTek, which will increase the durability of this boot and keep you in the high country longer.

Lapponia II GTX

The Lapponia was our number one most requested boot in 2021. It is a very unique boot in our lineup that has developed a dedicated following in the last few years. We knew we could make some changes to this boot that would improve both the fit and performance and I think we have succeeded with the NEW Lapponia II. With the Lapponia II, we extended the lacing system all the way down through the toe box. This will allow the wearer to fine tune the fit to their unique foot shape. We updated the look with new gray leather construction and added the PUTek material to the upper section of the boot. Doing this provides excellent support and comfort along with keeping the overall weight of the boot low. Also starting in 2022 the NEw Lapponia II will be available for the first time in a standard D width as well as an EE wide width to provide a great fit to even more of our customers. 

NEW Models for '22

Altitude GTX

The Altitude was built after hours of discussion to fill a role in our lineup that until now has been vacant. Our customers loved the fit and feel of the Attiva Mid GTX but wanted something with a little more support that would also be more rugged and durable. However, stepping up to the Summit or Valdres gave them a boot that was just too stiff. The Altitude GTX fits very nicely right in between. It offers the lightweight comfort and fit of the Attiva Mid along with a heavier duty midsole and slightly stiffer board last to provide excellent support. The Altitude GTX is the first boot in our lineup to feature a hybrid flex. All of our models fall in between a 1 and 5 on our flex rating, with most being 2, 3, or 4. The Attiva mid is a 2.5 flex. It is definitely stiffer than a 2 flex boot like the Lapponia or Attiva Mid, but not as stiff as a 3 Flex like the Summit or Valdres. If you are looking for a boot for shed or turkey hunting in the spring or summer scouting and backpack trips that will also perform well through the early archery season the Altitude GTX would be a great choice.  

Briksdal Pro GTX

The Briksdal Pro GTX is a direct result of customer feedback. The Briksdal line has always been a great option for a steep country mountain hunt. Over the years it has been worn on countless sheep and goat hunts all over the world with great results. Some of the consistent feedback we received was for a taller 10” boot with the same features and fit as the Briksdal. The new Briksdal Pro GTX has all the same features as the standard Briksdal including 200g of insulation to go along with a new look and 10” height. 

Anchor Point

The Crispi Anchor Point was designed out of necessity and built directly from feedback from our customers. For years wildland firefighters have been buying our mountain hunting boots to use on the fireline. We knew based on the feedback we received we could design the very best fire boot on the market. Using our best selling Guide boot as inspiration we got to work.

We started from the ground up with the Defender outsole. Designed to provide excellent traction and durability the Defender outsole also excels in higher temperatures. Paired together with our polyurethane, shock absorbing CCF midsole the Anchor Point is built to provide the ultimate in comfort, durability, and traction. We added our greased water repellant Nubuck for the upper for durability and roughout, suede on the ankle for added comfort. Finally, we exchanged the GoreTex liner of the Guide with a full leather lining on the Anchor Point. The leather lining increases breathability and offers unparalleled comfort that will last all fire season. 

No matter your hunting style, terrain, or conditions, Crispi has a boot model for you. If you have any questions about the new, updated or existing models please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to help you find the best option for you.

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