Havalon has taken the hunting and more specifically the hunting knife world by storm, and over the last few years their surgically sharp removable razor blades have quartered likely thousands of elk, deer, and other game. As there have been more users of the original Piranta Edge, Havalon has taken hunter's feedback and recently made a couple of changes to their lineup:

  • - The addition of the new Piranta Stag - a very lightweight and slightly longer textured handle makes this a very nice addition.
  • - An overall change to the lineup by retiring the 60XT blades and making the stronger more stiff 60A blade the new standard with all Piranta series knives.
  • - Given these changes we decided to give you a run down of both the new Stag as well as the new 60A blade and how to swap out blades in case you're new to the Havalon knives.

The new Piranta Stag is super light weight, weighing in at just 1.7 ounces. The handle has plenty of facets for increased feel and grip. It's a good looking knife and served me well as I quartered a cow elk from a late season hunt this past January here in Utah. Check out my video review and impressions of the new Piranta Stag knife.

I've quartered 5 elk, 1 antelope, and 2 deer using a Havalon Piranta Knife and only twice have I broken a blade. And I must specify that i only broke these two blades caping out the skull of my whitetail buck - something I had never done and therefore was likely reefing on the blade more than needed. I broke the blades cutting around the eye sockets and in the jaw area. As it goes, in quartering elk, deer and antelope I've been more than comfortable with the 60XT blade. That said, after checking out the new 60A blade that is standard in all of the Havalon Piranta knives, I'm looking forward to using is this fall to really get a first hand feel for the difference. Check out the video review I did of the blade differences between the 60A and the 60XT blades.

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