As a whitetail deer hunter, when I hit the woods I like to be silent and organized. Fortunately, the Sitka Tool Bucket has been the perfect tool for the job my last 5 seasons of hunting. When I first began bowhunting everything I took to the stand with me got tossed in an old camouflage backpack that only had a couple pockets. All the jiggling and rattling that took place, it’s surprising there was even a deer left in the county when I reached my treestand. As my obsession and attention to detail has grown as a whitetail hunter, it was time to take things to the next level and the Tool Bucket did just that. I will take you through my pack setup and some of my favorite features about the Tool Bucket.

"Tools" in the Sitka Tool Bucket:

-rattling antlers (medium sized)

-bow rope

-extra hanging hooks

-tree strap (for harness)

-wind checker

-Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner

-worksharp knife sharpener

-hunting license/tags

-coffee/water bottle

-extra clothing layers (sitka stratus vest or sitka ambient hoody)

-extra release

-tree saw


-camera (sony a7iii)

-hand warmers


-11 pockets

-bow carrying straps

-bucket style design (can hang from lid)

-treestand carrying system

-quiet zippers

Final Thoughts...

The Tool Bucket has been a game changer for me when heading to the treestand. While this pack is very user friendly and quiet, if you are looking for something with a little less space and even more stealth, the Sitka Fanatic Pack might be worth looking into. It covers all the needs a whitetail hunter might need without ever having to worry about making a sound. All of these products can be easily found on Be sure to check them out and follow their social media pages for deals, articles, gear reviews, and hunting tips.