SITKA Delta Zip Waders review by BlackOvis Gear Guide Evan Huffaker

Waterfowl hunters are known to be the hardest on their gear out of all types of hunting. Often you are hunting the harshest types of conditions, breaking ice, walking long miles in mud, hopping in and out of boats and blinds, waterfowl hunters depend very heavily on good quality gear that is going to stand up to these harsh conditions. 

I have been waterfowl hunting since I was a little kid, wearing your cheap neoprene waders that would not withstand the beating of a long, hard season. By the end of the waterfowl season you would have had to patch your waders many times and often came out of the duck pond soaking wet and cold because of leaky waders. I would have to end up buying a new pair of waders before every season just to keep myself dry for a few months before they inevitably would get a hole in them again and would have to start the cycle of repairing waders again.

Not only do neoprene waders not stand up to the harsh conditions, they are baggy, heavy and not comfortable. These waders make it very difficult to hunt to the best of your ability. Baggy, heavy waders are not easy to walk through mud and can make it miserable to make it to that “X” where the birds are hanging out at. 

Meet the SITKA Delta Zip Waders

SITKA has been known for bringing the hardest, most durable, useful and comfortable gear to the hunting industry for a long time now, the Delta Zip Waders are no exception to that reputation that SITKA has built for themselves. These waders are the most long lasting, versatile, and comfortable waders that I have ever used. The boots on these waders are extremely comfortable and warm.

Waterfowl hunting in Utah

With a good pair of merino socks on you can stay out in an icy pond or river for hours while you try  to shoot your limit of birds. The knee pads on these waders were very well thought out and make it much better when you have to break ice to make a hole for the ducks to land in on those cold mornings. The zipper on these waders is the best feature on a pair of waders, being able to unzip your waders to grab something in your pocket, take a jacket off, or having to take a leak, the convenience of a zip wader is unmatched.

I love the straps on these waders. You can set them to the length that you want and tuck them in and never have to reach behind you and try to find the strap again. With them tucked in you can unzip the wader and throw the straps on and you are good to go kill birds.

With these waders being as durable, comfortable, and useful you think it would be a no brainer to buy these. If you need another reason to purchase these waders SITKA offers a lifetime warranty on these waders. They will fix and repair any part of these waders that fall victim to snags, punctures, rips or cracks for the life of the wader. These waders are extremely hard and durable yet with the harsh conditions and with how hard waterfowlers are on their gear it is a possibility that these waders will have to get repaired eventually.

Well, with the warranty that SITKA offers on these I am confident that these will be the last pair of waders that I will ever have to purchase. That being said, after a few years of not having to buy a new pair of neoprene waders every year these waders will pay for themselves. Buying good quality gear is an investment and these waders will make the investment worthwhile. Not only will you save money on waders, you will have the most versatile and comfortable waders on the market that are going to out last any of your hunting buddies waders. 

Every time I put these waders on I am confident that they will be able to handle the extreme temperatures and conditions that I put them through while chasing a limit of birds. Head over to to get yourself a pair of the best waders on the market!