1. Western Hunting Optics Guide - Picking the Right Binocular and Spotting Scope

    Dialed In Hunter-7127 hunting optics By Josh Kirchner When it comes to Western hunting it is undeniable the advantage that quality optics provide the modern-day hunter. Having the ability to meticulously survey massive amounts of landscape and study animals from what is sometimes miles away, makes us more efficient, and ultimately more effective. Continue reading →
  2. Picking the Right Hunting Boot

    Sitka Gear Ambient Stalking By Josh Kirchner If one thing is true about hunting boots, they are not a “one style fits all” product. This is for a few reasons. We all have different feet, we hunt in various types of terrain and weather, and “to boot” hunting styles/methods vary from person to person. Because of this, the options are many in hunting boots. And because of this, based on extensive experience in the field, I’m going to break down these different styles of hunting boots. The end goal is to paint you a clear picture of what is going to work best for you and your style of hunting. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to refer to the Crispi lineup of boots, because that is what I use and prefer. With that said, this information can be applied to ANY boot company, so run with it. Also, I’m not a podiatrist. Just a hunter with real-world experience who has burned a ton of boot leather. What’s Your Style of Hunting? Continue reading →
  3. Hanwag Makra Pro GTX Hunting Boot Review

    hanwag makra boot review by Skyler Harrison with Hunt the West podcast Choose Hunting Boots Wisely No matter where you hunt, boots are one of the most important gear considerations you’ll make. Boots can be a more loyal friend than a black lab or they can be your worst enemy - ending a hunt faster than a Coues deer can duck an arrow. You need to choose boots wisely.  Continue reading →
  4. Layering with SITKA Gear for Western Hunting with Josh Kirchner - 2024 Kit

    By Josh Kirchner Sitka gear on BlackOvis If you are not utilizing a layering system for western hunting, you are severely missing out on a way more efficient way of doing things. For the 2024 hunting season, I’ve put together a solid layering system from Sitka Gear that is going to get me through I’d say 95% of the year. I say that because there might be some specialty items I bring in here and there as the weather changes. Things like puffy pants, base layer bottoms, or switching out my insulation layer for a thicker insulation layer. Continue reading →
  5. Gear Review: SITKA Delta Zip Waders for Waterfowl

    SITKA Delta Zip Waders review by BlackOvis Gear Guide Evan Huffaker Waterfowl hunters are known to be the hardest on their gear out of all types of hunting. Often you are hunting the harshest types of conditions, breaking ice, walking long miles in mud, hopping in and out of boats and blinds, waterfowl hunters depend very heavily on good quality gear that is going to stand up to these harsh conditions.  Continue reading →
  6. SITKA Launches Intercept Collection to Handle the Toughest Hunting Terrain for Bowhunters

    We've all been there before when you're closing in on a deer and the slightest hint of sound completely blows the stalk. As hunters we scrutinize our gear watching for any zipper, flap, or fabric that needs to be left out of the field. Continue reading →
  7. How to Build an 8 Piece Layering System w/ John Barklow from SITKA

    sitka gear and camo on We met with John Barklow from SITKA to give us an overview of how to Build an 8 Piece Layering System for hunting. This is perfect for having a layering system for western big game hunting as he covers base layers, pants, rain gear, and jackets. On you can shop by layering system or camo pattern for SITKA here. Tune on this video and get prepped for an epic and comfortable hunting season in the right SITKA gear. Continue reading →
  8. Ben Blakeley - OVIS STAFF

    Info: Profession: EngineerInstagram: What’s Instagram?Hunting Style: Backpack/Spot & StalkFavorite Species: Bighorn SheepDream Hunt: Stone and Dall SheepPursuits: Hunting, Scouting, Backpacking, Photography, Fishing, Trail running, Hiking3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: Boots, optics, and a no-quit attitudeNext Gear Purchase: New Merino Base Layers Bio: I live in Utah and love the opportunities I get to chase big game on public land minutes...
  9. Austin Farr - OVIS STAFF

    Info: Profession: MachinistInstagram: @farr_out86Hunting Style: Archery, Rifle, ShotgunFavorite Species: Mule Deer, Antelope, and WaterfowlDream Hunt: New Zealand Tahr and Red StagPursuits: Hunting, Backpacking, Shooting, Researching Gear, Wildlife Viewing, Fishing, Introducing My Kids To The Outdoors.3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: Puffy Jacket, Backpack, Hiking bootsNext Gear Purchase: New Binoculars  Bio: Hi, my name is Austin and I love the outdoors! Growing...
  10. Skousen Bro's - OVIS STAFF

    Jeff Skousen Info: Profession: VP Sales at Domo Instagram: @skousenbrosliveHunting Style: Spot and Stalk Bowhunting Favorite Species: ELKDream Hunt: Yukon Moose Pursuits: Family, Fitness, Archery, Horses3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: Swarovski EL 10x42, Sitka system, Hanwag Alverstone ii gtx Boots Next Gear Purchase: Mathews V3 31 Bio: Jeff has been hunting since he could walk.  At the early age of 7...
  11. Mark Skousen - OVIS STAFF

    Info: Profession: DeveloperInstagram: @skousenbrosliveHunting Style: Spot and Stalk BowhuntingFavorite Species: ELKDream Hunt: Yukon Moose / Brown BearPursuits: Family, Fitness, Archery, Horses3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: Swarovski SLC 10x42, Sig Kilo2400 Rangefinder, Sitka systemNext Gear Purchase: Swarovski NL Pure 10x42 Bio: Mark gained a love of the outdoors while spending many summers on a ranch in North West Colorado as...
  12. Marcus - Staff Picks

    Check out the Solid.HUNTING.Gear that the staff here at BlackOvis uses and are familiar with. Thinking of buying a product but not sure how it performs? Check out if any of us use it and give us a call! Details: Hunting Style: ArcheryFavorite Species: ElkDream Hunt: Alaskan MooseNext Gear Purchase: Rambo Venom E-BikeOther Pursuits: Freestyle Skiing Weapon Setup Bow: Hoyt RX-5Sight...
  13. Kevin Weber - OVIS STAFF

    Info: Profession: Heavy Equipment Operator & FarmerInstagram: @_kevin.weber_Hunting Style: Archery/RifleFavorite Species: Whitetail DeerDream Hunt: Kodiak Brown BearPursuits: Fishing, Camping, Shed Hunting, Content Creation3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: Vortex Razor Binos 10x42, Crispi Summit GTX, Sitka Heavyweight Zip EV2.Next Gear Purchase: Sitka Fanatic Hoody EV2 Bio: I first began hitting the whitetail woods with my father around 7 years old...
  14. Alex Millward - OVIS STAFF

    Info: Profession: Loan OfficerInstagram: @alex_millwardHunting Style: ArcheryFavorite Species: ElkDream Hunt: Archery Dall Sheep Pursuits: Hunting, Shed Hunting, Fly Fishing, Outdoor Photography3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: Swarovski ATS 65, Treeline Tripod, Sitka Kelvin Lite HoodyNext Gear Purchase: Swarovski SLC 10x42 Bio: My love and passion for the outdoors, which I owe to my dad, was started at a very young age...
  15. Dylan Cooley - OVIS STAFF

    Info: Profession: Real Estate Agent Instagram: @dcooley29 Hunting Style: Archery/Rifle Favorite Species: High Country Mule Deer Dream Hunt: Kyrgyzstan Ibex Pursuits: Hunting, Scouting, Backpacking, Photography, Fishing, Trail running, Hiking 3 Most Essential Pieces Of Gear: HanWag Boots, Tyto 1.1, Garmin Inreach Mini. Next Gear Purchase: Rambo Rebel 1000 Bio: Dylan Cooley is a self-made hunter and passionate outdoorsman who has...

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