When I first got into archery, I only shot index finger style releases and like most new archers, I wasn’t properly executing my shot.  I basically lined up the pin on what I was aiming at and let er rip.  Since then, I have tried many different styles of release aids and have gotten much better at controlling my shot process.  At one point in my archery evolution, I picked up a Carter release called the “Like Mike”.  This is an index finger style release that has some adjustability for tension and travel.  Meaning you can make the trigger easier or harder to go off as well as you can adjust how much creep is in the trigger. Similar to the adjustment of a good rifle trigger.  This past year, Carter announced an upgraded version of the “Like Mike” and called it the “Like Mike II”.  This article will go over some of the enhancements to the new model

Original  “Like Mike”

The original Like Mike as pictured on the top, has a little longer body and shorter trigger.  The tension adjustment is located at the bottom of the case which makes it more challenging to adjust without removing the nylon strap that connects to the wrist strap.  Other than that, this release has been a silky smooth release and has been a workhorse for many years.  One great hunting feature is the jaw is open and is easy to hook up to your D loop. 

New “Like Mike II”

The Like Mike II features some changes and improvements.  Instead of the need for the longer case handle and tension adjustment from the rear of the Like Mike, the Like Mike II has the tension adjustment screw on the side of the case providing much easier access.   The tension range goes from approximately 10 oz. to approximately 3.5 pounds.  The next feature and improvement to the previous model is the implementation of Carter’s new Controlled Engagement System (CES).  The CES negates the need for a trigger travel adjustment screw as the sear engagement is controlled internally by design and tolerance.  Essentially this is a “no movement” trigger.  The other functional cosmetic improvement is a more ergonomic trigger rather than a straight post like on the original Like Mike.  

Overall Impressions

When I first shot the new Like Mike II, I wasn’t wowed by it.  In Fact, with the shorter body, I had to make some adjustments to the length of my nylon connector to hit my same anchor point. The curved trigger also took some getting used to and everything else seemed about the same so I didn’t see the need for the upgrade.  Now that I have had a couple months of shooting both versions, I have been converted.   The new features including the ergonomic trigger design and shorter body make a significant difference.  The new Like Mike II version is now my preferred index finger release.  As of this writing, I don’t see the original version for sale on Carter’s website, so others must have come to the same conclusion.

In the Field Application

I personally shoot several releases during my daily shooting sessions to make sure I get a surprise release at every shot.  I do this through using a Carter thumb activated release called the Wise Choice as well as this Like Mike II index finger release.  

When hunting, I always carry my handheld release in my bino harness and the index release on my wrist.  I may use a different release based on the situation.  Weather, clothing, and gloves all factor into this decision.  It’s a good idea to have your primary release and a backup with you in any hunting situation so you can make the shot count when the opportunity presents itself.  Go check out all the Carter releases on the Carter Brand Page.  Lastly, remember; let your pin float and pull through the shot.

- Mark Skousen

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