Today, I wanted to cover some of the features of the TightSpot quivers because we have had a lot of customers wondering about some of the features/designs, and whether it's worth the extra investment. That's definitely a valid question, and hopefully this info can help answer some of those.

Tight & Modular Fit

One of the main things that TightSpot wanted to do in their design is manufacture a quiver that sits tight to your bow. Adding any bulk to the bow adds inconvenience and can throw off balance and stability. The TightSpot quiver mounts to the bow where it is located very close the bow frame, and mounts in a modular fashion so you can adjust the quiver to almost any angle you would want. The quiver also mounts to the rear which sets it closer to the shooter, and makes it so there is less of your quiver sticking out to get caught.

Tightspot Arrow Quivers

Balance and Shock Reduction

Because the quiver is so close to the bow and is located so close to the central frame, it reduces hand torque which is the tendency of your bow to pull to one side or the other. Between the the way it mounts to the bow and the fact that it's made of carbon fiber and anodized aluminum, the quiver is designed to DECREASE hand shock and INCREASE stabilization. The overall length of the quiver is designed to be long so it can control the vibration of more of the arrow. A lot of the quivers out there only hold half or less than the total length of the arrow. The TightSpot has two points of contact to the arrow, and holds the majority of the shaft which makes it so the arrows have a lot less vibration on the release. Traditionally, hunters and shooters have the tendency to take of their quivers to accomplish the same thing, but our customers are finding that they are able to shoot better with the quiver on.

Quiver mounting balance

Carbon Fiber Rods & Anodized Aluminum Mount

A big reason for the higher price tag is the construction of the quiver. The rods are made of a premium carbon fiber which decreases the shock, and cuts down on the total weight of the bow. The mounts are all anodized aluminum which makes for a strong mount that also allows for a lightweight alternative to steel mounts. A lot of guys love the quick release feature. It's definitely not unique to the TightSpot quiver, but when this one locks in, it's solid. Because of these quality components, it really creates a recipe for a durable quiver that you know will hold up to the abuse you can put it through.

Adjustable Shaft Grippers

This is another flagship design of the TightSpot, and one that a lot of customers hail as their favorite feature. The arrow grippers can adjust to fit different sizes of arrow shafts, and also adjust the tension of the gripper to hold the arrows in tighter. Everyone has their different preferences, but one of our ProStaff shooters (who uses the 5-arrow quiver) has the first 3 arrows at a moderate to light grip and the last two at a tight grip. This makes it so he can quickly access his earlier shots, and have a tighter grip on the last ones which he would use less.

Arrow Micro-Adjust

Foamless & Expandable-Friendly Hood

The hood is one of the most geniusly designed parts of the whole quiver. The housing is made from an extremely durable polymer that comes in a variety of different colors. The inside of the hood is a lot different from other quivers because it doens't contain any foam. Most quivers out there will seat the broadheads in the foam which generally works, but can sometimes catch on expandable quivers and making them expand. The TightSpot quiver uses a rubber seating system that allows for a fast draw and keeps the expandable broadheads free from interference.

Quick Draw

When you look at the quiver, you'll notice that the gripper that sits closest to you is positioned towards you, and not off to the side like most quivers. This makes it so you can draw that arrow fast. Many hunters use that as their second arrow because their first shot is generally a planned shot that can take time.

3 Arrows or 5 Arrows?

The TightSpot comes in either the 3 or 5 arrow options, and there are many applications and uses for each. The real differences are weight and quantity of arrows. If you're on a longer hike or hunting trip away from base camp, it would probably be wise to go with the 5-arrow option to make sure you have enough to last for the whole hunt. If you are going on a shorter trip and/or have base camp nearby, the 3 arrow version wouldn't be a bad idea. The weight differences on the quiver are minimal, but when adding in the weight of the arrows themselves, it can really take down the weight of the bow.

Overall, we are finding that more and more customers are making the financial jump and are glad they did!