A BlackOvis Utah Archery Mountain Goat Hunt

I believe chasing your dreams is worth every bit of the chase. In fact, when it comes right down to it, chasing your dreams is often more about the chase than the realization of the dream itself. Some dreams take years to obtain, others take a lifetime, while some remain forever just outside of our grasp.

When it comes to drawing a coveted hunting tag, in my case a true "Once in a Lifetime" tag, it's more beyond your control than not. Having the opportunity to go on a dream hunt boils down to a whole lot of persistence, pure luck, or a mixture of both.
For me, drawing a "Once in a Lifetime" mountain goat archery tag in my home state of Utah was one of pure luck. Getting my chance at this dream hunt happened 15 years sooner than I had anticipated or expected.

As much as we hunters all dream of a tag like this, in reality once in a lifetime tags are a funny thing. For starters, trying to draw one feels like reaching for the impossible dream. No matter how many years you continue to put in for said tag, the moment of truth, the anticipation of seeing "successful" on your application always seems to go to the next guy, continually passing you by. After enough years of applying, you grow numb to the word "unsuccessful" and come to accept the fact that you'll be old and gray before your moment of truth will come.

But when that day arrives, as it did for me early in May of 2020, the magnitude of the opportunity sets in. The training, the practice, the research and scouting were all parts of my journey that I would come to savour and appreciate. Being able to share the hunt with three friends was something that will bind us for the rest of our days. And when the hunt was over, as I pulled my final trail camera and prepared to hike off a mountain I had come to love, the tears flowed freely and unexpectedly. What sunk in at that final moment was just how fortunate I had been to hunt mountain goats for those few days in September and how this hunt would forever be part of my most treasured hunting memories.  

Having my good friend Justin Nelson of Top Priority Films there on the hunt to capture the experience is something I more wanted for myself and my family. Being able to share it with the BlackOvis and greater hunting community is something I hope will inspire you to chase that impossible dream of getting your shot at a Once in a Lifetime tag. I hope you enjoy the film.


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We empty Kendall's pack from the once in a lifetime Utah goat hunt to cover all the essential gear that was used in this high country pursuit.

List of gear used that can be found at BlackOvis.com: