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  1. Midwest to the West

    About Me My interest in hunting began at the young age of seven years old when I would tag along my father during the Iowa whitetail gun season. It wasn’t long after that and I was eventually able to carry a gun. I remember counting down the days and laying out all of my gear weeks in advance. Once I got into high school I had decided to give bowhunting a try. I was mostly interested in it because I knew it would give me more than just one weekend a year of whitetail hunting.  Continue reading →
  2. Briksdal SF GTX Boot Review

    I’ve owned and been using the updated Crispi Briksdal SF boots since they came out in May 2020.  I’ve used them on all my adventures so far this year: summer scouting, sheep hunting in Alaska, elk and mule deer hunting, and hiking through 10” of snow to pick up some moose sheds I’d found while hunting before the canyon closed for the winter.  I’ve been able to use them in a wide variety of terrain and temperatures, and they’ve yet to let me down.  I’ve been very impressed with them, and for me they are the ideal boot. Continue reading →
  3. Backcountry Cooking 101 - The Basics

    There is no reason to just “survive” in the backcountry. You can still eat good and not add a ton of weight to your pack or your load. In this article, I will show you two styles of backcountry cooking and the basics for each. Whether you have backpacked in and are living off your back, or you have a small basecamp out in the woods. If you follow these basic rules, you will never go hungry.  Continue reading →
  4. Cold Weather Clothing Systems

    Hunting in the late season when temperatures drop and weather is inconsistent can significantly hinder your hunting style and opportunities. I will never forget a hunt, when I was 16 years old.  My friend and I were chasing late season mule deer in Utah. When we started hiking in the morning it was 30 degrees and no snow, by the end of the day it was in the teens and over 2 feet of snow. My memory from that experience was how freezing cold and wet I was.  Continue reading →
  5. "Short and Sweet" - The BlackOvis Treeline Carbon Sitting Tripod

    With multiple backpacking hunts lined up for 2021, my main goal for the upcoming season has been to reduce as much excess weight as possible. There are multiple pieces of gear, such as my sleeping system as well as cooking system, that made the “Reduce Weight” list. However, looking at the list, I noticed that my heaviest, as well as most utilized items, were in my optics/glassing system. Continue reading →
  6. Hilleberg - The Tentmaker

    Hilleberg has been a top name in the tent making industry for over 45 years.  Their mission is to produce the highest quality lightweight tents available.  Hilleberg was founded in Sweden and has expanded to the US.   I first heard about Hilleberg tents years ago, but didn’t purchase one of my own until last year. In all the trip reports and gear reviews that I’ve read about them, if I had to choose one word that is commonly used to describe them, it would be ‘bombproof’.  They are on the expensive side, but it’s with good reason, and you get what you pay for with a Hilleberg tent. Continue reading →
  7. Selecting the Right Boot

    What’s in a boot?...... A foot! Now that the lame joke is out of the way, I can address the topic at hand. What does it mean to select the right boot for you? What kind of features do you look for? What brands are out there? Why does any of this matter, it is just a boot…...right? My intention for this article is to share my experience from lessons learned to help shed some light on selecting a boot that is right for you.  Continue reading →
  8. Choosing Phelps Game Calls

    Created by Jason Phelps in 2009, Phelps Game Calls took off quickly and is one of the most recognizable has trusted names in elk calling. As the product line has expanded, it can get a little overwhelming to figure out the difference between all the diaphragm calls, bugle tubes, and external elk calls! In this latest video podcast, we called Jason Phelps up to ask him just that. Watch below as we cover the entire line of elk calls from Phelps. Watch below Continue reading →
  9. Expandable Broadheads

    Every year as archery hunters are making preparations for the Fall, it seems like broadheads are often the last thing on the list. Many guys will head to the local store, pick up a pack or two of whatever catches their eye, screw them on the front of their arrow and head out. Without fail every year you will hear a story about somebody who made a “perfect shot” only to never recover the animal. Most of the time the blame gets placed on the broadhead and it seems like it is usually an expandable broadhead. Continue reading →
  10. Why I Chose Kifaru

    I’ve owned my Kifaru pack since 2014.  I’ve taken it on many adventures, from scouting the high country for mule deer to hunting Dall sheep in Alaska, and it has never let me down.  It’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown into it.  I always feel confident taking it on trips with me, whether it’s a day trip or a week long hunt.   Continue reading →

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