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  1. Turkey Hunting Checklist

    It’s March and by now you have probably experienced some warm spells that have sparked your interest for the spring endeavors that are to come. Here in Iowa we have experienced some 50 and 60 degree temperatures in the later parts of February and it definitely has a lot of outdoor enthusiasts chomping at the bit. In Iowa, spring time means a few different things. There are a few favorites to partake in, such as shed hunting, morel hunting, and of course turkey hunting. Continue reading →
  2. Sitka Aerolite Jacket Review

    As an active hunter, I’m a huge believer in the benefits of layering my clothing system to regulate body heat.  An effective layering system includes 3 basic components. 1) A base layer that is worn close to the skin.  2) An insulation layer to provide warmth and 3) An outer layer to provide durability and protection from wind and moisture.  Depending on the conditions, any one of these three components can be worn.   It’s very common for a mid-September morning to start out in the 20’s or 30’s and warm up to 60’s or warmer in the day.  A thoughtful layering system in this scenario is extremely effective.   Continue reading →
  3. Knife Sharpening Tips & Tools

    Knives are tools that have a countless number of uses and come in a similarly countless number of styles and designs. One thing all knives have in common is that whatever it is you’re using it for, it will do a better job if it’s sharp. Replaceable blade knives have come a long way over the past few years. Today they are used for EDC purposes as well as hunting applications. I own and use the Outdoor Edge Razor-Blaze replaceable blade knife. I use it frequently in the field and perform great in field dressing, skinning, and quartering duties.  Continue reading →
  4. Off-Season Checklist

    If you’re like many other hunters today, you prepare year-round for a short and sweet hunting season. It blows my mind how fast it goes when you spend ¾ of the year waiting for it to get here. For many hunters though, it’s becoming more and more about the process of preparation, just as much as it is hunting itself. With that being said, the list of things you can do as a hunter is long and could go on and on as long as you want it to. Lists of things to do will vary from whitetail hunters vs western big game hunters. In this article I will do my best as a whitetail hunter to give insight on all the types of hunting and off-season work that can be done. Continue reading →
  5. Picking The Right Late Season Hunting Boot

    A couple months ago I began the search for a late season boot in preparation for a 3rd season mule deer tag I drew in Colorado.  Typically, I wear an uninsulated boot for my September archery elk hunts but I knew this hunt could produce really cold temperatures and plenty of snow.  I wanted a boot with insulation and a little more height. Continue reading →
  6. How to Get the Most Out of Your Glass

    Optics have become one of the essential pieces of gear for just about any big game hunt.  They can save us many miles of hiking in order to assess game, and they allow us to look at animals without having to be very close and risk spooking them.  Optics are one of the biggest advantages we have on a hunt.  In order to get the most out of your glass there’s several easy things you can do. Continue reading →
  7. Crispi Wild Rock Review (400g)

    I’m a Danner man. At least, that’s what I used to say when someone asked me what my boot of choice was. 12 years ago, I bought a pair of Danner Pronghorn 400g out of the Cabela’s Bargain Cave. For the next 10 years I wore those things everywhere. I’ve always been in the “one boot to do it all” camp so I wore them in the warmer weather of early season archery hunts to cold, snowy late season elk hunts. Continue reading →
  8. BlackOvis Holiday Gift Guide

    If you have a person in your life that loves the outdoors,  buying gifts during the holidays can be a tricky undertaking. Hunters can be very opinionated about their gear choices. Was that a nice way to say that? You never know the size they need or which color and camo pattern they prefer. Everyone wants to give a great gift but we don’t always have the information we need to pick exactly the right thing. With this in mind, I have tried to compile a few ideas that should work for any outdoor person in your life. The list below does not require you to know size, pattern, or preference.  It is all solid hunting gear that would be welcomed by any hunter regardless of skill level or age. Continue reading →
  9. Whitetail 365 Day Preparation

    Most hunting seasons are a month or a couple of months out of the year. As the industry continues to expand and passions grow, those couple of months out of the year are not enough for most enthusiasts. When it comes to whitetail hunting, I personally think it provides the most out-of-season work, if you're willing to take it on. Throughout this article I will highlight a lot of the types of work that can be done throughout the year as the seasons progress. Keep in mind that I reside in Iowa and all weather patterns may not match up with other states. Continue reading →
  10. Rainwear Guide

    Rain gear is a purpose-built layer that is great for rain, wind, and snow. It will be the most water-resistant piece in your layering system. High-quality rain gear will be waterproof and breathable. In comparison to other fabrics rain gear is made out of a tougher material that is water-resistant, but also noisier. The type of rain gear that I bring depends on the season and type of hunt.   Continue reading →

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