Every year as archery hunters are making preparations for the Fall, it seems like broadheads are often the last thing on the list. Many guys will head to the local store, pick up a pack or two of whatever catches their eye, screw them on the front of their arrow and head out. Without fail every year you will hear a story about somebody who made a “perfect shot” only to never recover the animal. Most of the time the blame gets placed on the broadhead and it seems like it is usually an expandable broadhead.

Everyone who hunts has heard a tale that culminates with “ the blades just didn't open.” Both fixed blade and expandable broadheads have advantages and disadvantages. Generally expandable broadheads are known for excellent flight, and cutting big holes. They also have a reputation for poor design and a lack of durability. Any broadhead whether it is fixed or expandable can fail if the design is flawed and sub-par materials are used. When selecting any broadhead pay attention to the build quality and design. Rock solid, durable, razor sharp expendables capable of taking the biggest of big game exist, you just have to look for them.  Below are some of our favorite expandable broadheads. Most of the broadheads on this list have been used by one of us here at Blackovis to harvest big game in the west. If you have questions about these broadheads or any of the other gear we carry at BlackOvis.com, please give our Gear Guides a call or shoot us an email we always love to chat about gear!

Rage Hypodermic NC

Available in 100 grains this 2 blade broadhead features a 2” cut diameter. The Hypodermic NC improves on the classic Rage design with a stainless steel ferrule and the new No Clip blade retention. Gone are the old rubber bands and plastic clips. The new Hypodermic NC uses pressure on tabs on the back of the blades to hold them closed.

G5 Deadmeat

The Deadmeat is a rear deploying, 3 blade,100 grain broadhead with a 1 ½” cutting diameter. A steel ferrule helps durability and the blade retention clip at the base is durable and reliable. The small, closed position profile helps this broadhead fly like a field tip. 

Grim Reaper 4 blades: Carni-four and Mini-Mag

Available in 100 or 125 grains. The Carni-four and Mini-Mag feature four expandable blades that leave huge wound channels. Two of the blades on the Carni-four have a 1 ½” cutting diameter and the other two blades are 1 ¼” for a total cutting surface of almost 3”. The Mini-Mags four blades are 1 ¼” for over 2” of cutting surface.

Grim Reaper Fatal Steel

With 100 or 125 Grain offerings the Fatal Steel is a 3 blade broadhead. Designed with an extremely sharp and durable one piece steel ferrule. This 1 ¼” cutting diameter is one of the toughest expandable broadheads available. It’s micro length and closed profile help it fly extremely well. All of the Grim Reaper expandable broadheads including The Fatal Steel use a spring tension system in the base of the broadhead to hold them closed. No rubber bands, O-rings or heat shrink make these broadheads durable and reliable. 

NAP Killzone

The Killzone is a rear deploying, 100 grain 2 blade broadhead that features a 2” cutting diameter. An aluminum ferrule helps keep this large broadhead lightweight and the internal blade retention system helps ensure reliability.