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Hunting Style: Archery
Favorite Species: Mule Deer
Dream Hunt: Caribou 
Next Gear Purchase: Mystery Ranch Beartooth
Other Pursuits: Fishing, Hiking/Camping, Backpacking. 

Weapon Setup

Bow: Hoyt RX1

Draw Length: 30", Poundage: 70 lbs
Strings: Vapor Trail
Sight: Spot Hogg Fast Tommy Hogg Sight
Rest: QAD Ultrarest HDX Drop
Release: Stanislawski Xtinction 2
Stabilizer: Bee Stinger 8" Pro Hunter Maxx
Arrows (and Spine): GoldTip Pierce Platinum (300)
Quiver: Tight Spot 7 Arrow
Broadhead: Grim Reaper Mini-Mag

Clothing Setup

Body Type:  Average
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs

Jacket: Sitka Jetstream (XL), King's XKG Lone Peak (XL), Kryptek Dalibor (XL)
Insulation: Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody (XL), Sitka Kelvin Down WS Hoody (XL), King's XKG Down Transition (XL).
Pant(s): Sitka Traverse Pant (34R), Sitka Timberline (34R), Kryptek Valhalla Pant (34R), King's XKG Ridge (34R).
Base Layer Top: Sitka Ascent (XL), King's XKG Elevation 1/4 Zip (XL), Kryptek Hyperion LS Zip (XL).
Base Layer Bottom: BlackOvis NWT 200 Weight (M), King's 260 Zip Off (M).
Gloves: King's XKG Mid-Weight (L), King's XKG Insulated (L).
Rain Jacket: King's XKG Windstorm (L).
Rain Pant: King's XKG Windstorm (M).
Footwear: Crispi Lapponia GTX Uninsulated (12).
Socks: BlackOvis Lightweight Crew (L). 
Other: Grip 6 Belt 

Essential Gear

Binos: Vortex Razor HD 10X42
Spotting Scope: Vortex Razor HD 85mm - Angled
Knife: Havalon Piranta Edge
Game Bag: Ovis Sacks
Pack: Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45
Trekking Poles: BlackOvis Crestone Carbon
Tent: King's XKG Summit 2 Person 
Sleeping Bag: King's XKG Summit 0 Degree
Stove: jetboil Flash Lite Stove
Rangefinder: Vortex Ranger 1800
Bino Harness: Marsupial Gear Pack