The "6 S’s" to comfort in all conditions: Skin, Shell, Stack, Shed, Season, Situation

Skin to Shell System

***An efficient skin to shell system is built from 3 important things: 


Next to Skin products are essential to the overall comfort of the entire system. Next to Skin products are designed to quickly move moisture away from the body and keep the skin dry. This is the foundation of the entire system. Dry skin=More Comfort


The mid component of the skin to shell system. Products designed specifically to regulate body temperature. Fleece or Puffy (synthetic/down) allow the system to trap body heat and regulate warmth as needed.


The external layer designed to protect you from external forces/the elements. Windproof or waterproof (or a combination of both) these products eliminate warmth robbing conductive (water) and convective (wind) heat loss. 

Stack and Shed:

By having the right combination of the above pieces "Stack and Shed" allows you to regulate your comfort for variable conditions encountered in the field.

Moisture in the air?  “Stack” on a waterproof shell

Colder temperature? “Stack” an insulative piece to achieve warmth

Hot or Heavy exertion? “Shed” products to achieve comfort

Stack & Shed provides versatility and active comfort management.

Season and Situation:

Understanding season & situation to allows you to suggest/tailor your system.

Early Season:

Generally lighter fabric products for warm weather use. 

Skin: Core Lightweight Hoody or Crew, Equinox Guard Top, Merino Wool Top

Insulation: Ambient Jacket or Hoody, Kelvin Aerolite

Shell: Jetstream Jacket, Dew Point Jacket

Bottoms: Ascent, Equinox Guard, Apex


System provides versatility to handle most general conditions.

Skin: Core Lightweight Hoody or Crew, Equinox Guard Top, Merino Wool

***Add similar bottoms to provide next to skin comfort ***

Insulation: Heavyweight Hoody combined with Ambient, Aerolite or Kelvin Lite Down

Shell: Jetstream, Dewpoint Jacket & Pant

Bottoms: Mountain Pant, Timberline Pant

Late Season: 

System should be built to counter weather and temperature.

Skin: Same as Mid-Season. Keep Skin Dry. Move Moisture. 

Insulation: Ambient + Kelvin Lite Down (Stacked together)

Shell: Jetstream + Dew Point (if wet) or Blizzard Aerolite (if super cold)

Bottoms: Heavyweight Bottom + Timberline Pant


This is all about understanding the particular hunt/intended use in the field.

Archery or Rifle: Understand engagement distance to select appropriate fabrics.

Active or Inactive: Active builds heat, inactive requires trapping heat

Other considerations: Amount of time in field, location, expected weather, etc…

- Michael White